Whatever conditions you have on site -
we offer a solution for every installation situation!

Whether you plan a new silo or an installation in an existing silo,
or even for silos without intermediate floow, we offer a proper solution.

The proper mounting ring for each type of silo.

The silo discharge screw is mounted at the silo center with a mounting ring.
No additional assembly operations are required inside the silo.
The mounting ring is included in our scope of delivery and is encased in concrete,
welded on or bolted on.

Mounting ring for steel silos
Mounting ring for concrete silos

Existing silos and special installations.

We have a solution for your application - just contact us.

Before installation: The silo discharger
with special mounting ring

Existing opening in silo floor

After installation:
The silo discharger inside the silo

Special construction for silo
without intermediate floor

Assembly of the silo discharge screw - fast and uncomplicated.

Our trucks euqipped with assembly cranes and tools containers,
can be used for installation and transport.

Bringing the screw in the assembly opening

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Tractor truck and trailer with tools container

Ready for installation: Pulling the silo discharge screw up with our assembly crane or erection scaffolding