For every application the proper silo discharge screw

Silo discharge screw type SES series in detail

No matter what demands you make on your silo discharge screw - we offer the proper solution. Besides our standard model, stainless steel manufacturing of all SES types is possible. For conical silo floors, we offer especially designed cone discharge screws.

Silo discharge screws and components (slide valves and rotary valves) can be delivered with ATEX approval according to directive RL 94/9/EG for ATEX categories 1 to 3 inside (zones 20 to 22).


The silo discharge screw is installed in the middle of the silo with the help of a mounting ring, and can be used
in concrete or steel silos.

Depending on the material to be discharged and the required discharge capacity, we select the driving speed and
the screw diameter.

The screw conveys to the middle of the silo, where the exit hole is located. Because of the screw's robust shaft (bulk material) which is located in a heavy screw-shaft bearing, the Gottwald silo discharge screw proves itself even in
the roughest operation, therefore screw breakage is out of question.

Because of elastic reasons, the screw shaft is constructed conical.
On the point of highest strain, the shaft has a diameter of 100mm up to 300mm,
depending on model of device. The screw is driven by a heavy bevel gear drive
which is integrated in the upper part. The screw shaft is made from solid material
and carried out as full shaft throughout the first 5 meters.
Worked out of one piece and not bolted on.

The installtion consists of an upper and a lower part, which are connected
by a roller slewing ring. The screw wings are equipped with teeth.
For abrassive and aggressive materials, our screw wings are
armoured with wear protection.

We use proven quality drives. Speed is controlled by a frequency controller.
Every RAL color is possible.

Screw wings wear protection
High precise bevel gears from
own production


Everything in view: 3D-based CAD-construction

Silo discharge device, overpressure design, with pneumatic and hand flat slide valve
and vibration sensor (yellow) for fill level control (screw wings shown without cutting teeth).


Silo discharge device with mounting frame (mounting frame usually delivered in advance).